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5 Things to Know

1 Privacy centric

Crafted with respect

The apps create places where you can be you with no strings attached—no personal phone numbers or email addresses are required.

Keanu Engine
Free to Be You

You are represented by an account ID and QR code. Connect with people in seconds simply by clicking a link or scanning a code.

Keanu Engine
No Strings Attached

No email or phone number is required to join. You can connect your email to help remember passwords, but it’s not required.

Keanu Engine
No Data Mining

The apps don’t mine for user data. Rather, to learn from users, apps offer a privacy preserving way to learn from users what you need to.


Serious about security

Keanu is designed to ensure the safety of each individual. Dive into the details of our secure setup for the apps on our security documentation.

Keanu Engine
End-to-End Encryption

Keanu is built on the Matrix protocol, an open network for secure, decentralized communication. Matrix’s state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption offers security on the device and in transit.

Keanu Engine
Secure Infrastructure

The Keanu team has experience deploying on Amazon Web Services, which is ISO certified for Cloud Security and Data Protection. The team can also work in other environments offering a secure infrastructure.

Keanu Engine
Open & Accountable

Keanu is open source code under GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL v3.0). Regular security audits and updates ensure that security standards are upheld.


Enhances physical safety

Holistic digital security considers users’ experience in their physical environment as well as their digital.

Keanu Engine

Swap out the app icon for something else. Camo gives users the power to disguise.

Keanu Engine

Easily wipe messages or all of the information from an app with one tap. Panic also gives users the power to make an app self destruct.

Keanu Engine

For an extra layer of physical device security, users can add a password to the app itself. Auto-lock ensures that the app is locked when it’s not being used.

4 UX + Security

Mindful of concerns

Each experience is carefully crafted to consider users’ behaviors and the threats they may be vulnerable to.

Keanu Engine
Safe Spaces

Apps feature easy to join groups with workflows to ensure privacy. Learn more about privacy in semi-private groups.

Keanu Engine
Trusted Relationships

Real identities aren’t linked. The apps deploy various methods for users to be confident that the people they are connected with are, in fact, whom they expect.

Keanu Engine
Confident Sharing

It’s always clear with whom you’re sharing with. Location shares happen only when the user asks. Apps don’t continue to access user location without permission.


Rights centered

The Keanu team aims to uphold the dignity of humankind. Learn more about the team at Guardian Project—People and code you can trust.

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